Impact of Technology on the Workforce

AHA experts discuss how ChatGPT and artificial intelligence are transforming health care data analytics and some of the potential pitfalls.
Momentum has been building for deploying generative artificial intelligence (AI) to drive administrative efficiency, reduce clinical documentation burdens and to hyperpersonalize the patient care experience.
The AHA recently released the 2024 Health Care Workforce Scan, which identifies and shares strategies and resources that support hospital and health system teams.
AHA’s recently released 2024 Health Care Workforce Scan provides a wealth of examples of how provider organizations are piloting new care models and leveraging existing and emerging digital technologies to augment, support and streamline workforce roles.
The gap between supply and demand for health care continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.
To improve clinician well-being, hospitals are engaging clinicians in the design and adoption of new technologies to support the clinical workforce.