Optum Looks to Expand Value-Based Care Offerings through Integrated Approach

Optum Looks to Expand Value-Based Care Offerings through Integrated Approach. Medical icons connected in a network.

Optum, the fastest-growing part of UnitedHealth Group (UHG), has engaged in a flurry of activity in recent years to expand its health care reach, particularly in value-based care and population health. And based on its recent year-end earnings call, the company expects further growth in 2023.

Optum states that it expects to treat 4 million people in accountable care models this year, a whopping increase from the 1.8 million patients it treated in these programs in 2022. That figure includes not only UHG health plan participants but also those from other payers. The growth is being achieved by connecting benefits, care and other services to support Optum patients, CEO Wyatt Decker, M.D., said.

Overall, Optum’s $182.8 billion in 2022 revenues represents a 17% increase from the year prior. So, where will the company turn its focus in 2023?

Value-based care will be one of Optum’s key growth pillars for this year, notes a recent CB Insights report.

With significant holdings in nearly all aspects of health care — from primary care to patient analytics and data to revenue-cycle management, pharmacy benefits management and more — Optum is concentrating on further integrating these pieces. It views home health as an opportunity to fuel its ambitions in value-based care, according to Decker. The company is taking a similar approach with behavioral health care.

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