How to Optimize Sustainability Performance

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How to Optimize Sustainability Performance. A hospital executive holds a green Earth in his hand.

Medical supply costs are rising. Product shortages still plague the field. Accurately predicting future product demand based on reliable data often remains more of a goal than a reality. Meanwhile, health systems are feeling significant financial pain as patient volumes slowly return to pre-pandemic levels — leading to ever-greater demands to reduce costs.

Health care supply chain leaders face no shortage of challenges in this environment. Still, top-performing organizations are optimizing sustainable, repeatable practices and processes to achieve operational excellence while maintaining a socially responsible approach to procurement.

A new AHA Leadership Scan episode will explore how some hospitals and health systems have developed more resilient and proactive approaches to identifying, vetting and purchasing sustainable products. The virtual panel discussion, Supply Chain Success Stories: Optimizing Sustainability Performance, takes place at noon CT, Wednesday, Oct. 11.

Through focused clinical engagement, goal setting, data and analytics, and strategic partnerships, these organizations are integrating advanced analytics and technology to drive improvement. Join us as we explore how these organizations are meeting today’s challenges and share actionable insights that can drive improved quality and reduced costs while reducing their environmental footprint.

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