Implementing a Proven Road Map to Drive Sustainable Growth

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Implementing a Proven Road Map to Drive Sustainable Growth. Against a sunny blue sky background, a hand presents a bar chart showing growth over time.

Health care leaders face challenging decisions about where to focus resources and prioritize investments to drive sustainable growth. These decisions often get forestalled as executives put out post-pandemic fires to keep pace with daily operations, care delivery, workforce shortages and other issues.

A new AHA Leadership Scan episode, “Implementing a Proven Road Map to Drive Sustainable Growth,” to be presented Nov. 1 at noon CT will explore how to break out of this cycle.

Panelists will address why health systems need to evolve past stabilization and survival mode to reinvention and growth mode. For financial leaders, this means gaining more awareness about clinical operations and a greater understanding of care delivery priorities. Chief financial officers and vice presidents of finance must overcome three internal pressures that threaten this transformation.

  • Lack of financial visibility across the entire organization and/or sufficient capital.
  • Lack of technical infrastructure.
  • Inability to deliver clinical care and programs that meet community needs.

Join us as we explore these issues with health system leaders who are successfully reinventing their core structure and care delivery methods as they continue to build a more sustainable operating model. Gain insights into greater visibility of cost structures, essential ways to involve clinicians in decision-making processes and effective management of the push-pull between cost pressures and workforce challenges.

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