Appropriate Use of Medical Resources Compendium

The AHA's Physician Leadership Forum and Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence initiative have released a compendium to help hospitals, in partnership with their clinical staff and patients, to closely examine the appropriate use of medical resources for five hospital-based procedures or interventions.

Appropriate Use of Medical Resources Compendium – August 2016The compendium offers a toolkit on each of the five areas: blood management, antimicrobial stewardship, ambulatory care sensitive conditions, elective percutaneous coronary intervention, and aligning treatment with patient priorities for use of the ICU. The toolkits are an outgrowth of the AHA white paper ' Appropriate Use of Medical Resources,' which recommends a way forward that will place hospitals at the forefront of innovative change for reducing the use of specific non-beneficial services while improving health care overall. AHA collaborated with a broad group of national organizations and content experts to produce each toolkit.


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