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Apr 7, 2022 by Priya Bathija and Aisha Syeda
According to latest data from the CDC, the U.S. maternal mortality rate, already significantly higher than in comparable countries, continues to rise, specifically for women of color.
Apr 4, 2022 by Wright L. Lassiter III, Chair, American Hospital Association
The 2022 AHA Annual Membership Meeting is just three weeks away, and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you April 24-26 in Washington, D.C.
Apr 1, 2022 by Rick Pollack
When it comes to the state of American health care, we have much to be proud of. At the same time, we must also acknowledge that the benefits of our nation’s health care system have not always been equally accessible to all of our citizens.
Mar 31, 2022 by Benjamin Wilburn
Each year, health professionals and community organizers team up for National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week, held March 21-25).
Mar 31, 2022 by Joy A. Lewis, by Nancy Myers
Now is the time to evaluate how far we have come in closing gaps in health disparities, assess where health care is on the equity journey and take what we’ve learned to strengthen our organizations and communities through collaborative and innovative work — by investing in our neighborhoods and one another.
Mar 28, 2022
On this episode, I talk with Debbie Hatmaker, chief nursing officer of the American Nurses Association, the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the American Nurses Foundation.
Mar 25, 2022 by Rick Pollack
One month from now, we really hope to see you in Washington, D.C.
Mar 21, 2022 by Wright L. Lassiter III, Chair, American Hospital Association
Mask mandates are being lifted in cities and towns across the U.S. and more employees are transitioning from remote work at home and returning to their offices, so people are wondering: Are we nearing the end of the pandemic?
Mar 18, 2022 by Rick Pollack
There’s no question that health care providers will continue to evaluate the lessons learned from COVID-19 for years to come. One takeaway that few would dispute is that the expanded reach of telehealth has significant implications and potential for expanding access and increased convenience in caring for patients. 
Mar 18, 2022 by Priya Bathija
This year’s theme for National Women’s History Month is Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.