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Jun 1, 2020
AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack writes a letter to the editor in response to “Wealthiest Hospitals Got Billions in Bailout for Struggling Health Providers,” May 26.
May 29, 2020 by Rick Pollack
The Census Bureau recently reported that “a third of Americans now show signs of clinical anxiety or depression” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also been reported that Americans are increasingly at risk for “deaths of despair” from substance misuse and suicide, forecasting that the mental health crisis could approach levels of loss similar to COVID-19.
May 27, 2020 by Rick Pollack
Much of the response to COVID-19 crisis has fallen on America’s hospitals and health systems — the cornerstones of care in their communities — and the front-line health care heroes.
May 27, 2020 by Jeremy Sadlier
Stepping back from pandemic coverage can reduce health care worker burnout, writes Jeremy Sadlier, director of HR Initiatives at the American Society for Health Care Human Resources Administration. Read more about utilizing HR services and how to de-stress.
May 22, 2020 by Rick Pollack
The AHA is working hard to achieve health equity by working with the government to improve data collection to guide policy, and by creating tools and resources to help hospitals and health systems improve health equity in the community.
May 19, 2020 by Robyn Begley
Marking Mental Health Awareness Month, Robyn Begley, CEO of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership, writes that health care workers already faced burnout, addiction and suicide before COVID-19, and it’s important to tackle these issues now.
May 18, 2020 by Melinda L. Estes, M.D.
Our just-concluded National Hospital Week provided many great opportunities to express our heartfelt thanks to the remarkable caregivers who continue to minister to COVID-19 patients—and all patients who come through our hospital and health system doors—every day in every community across America.
May 15, 2020 by Rick Pollack
National Hospital Week 2020 may be coming to a close tomorrow, but our efforts to support America’s health care heroes and their hospitals and health systems are still going strong.
May 14, 2020 by Bruce Bailey
As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, Bruce Bailey, president and CEO of Tidelands Health based in Georgetown, S.C., talks about how hospitals and health systems without inpatient behavioral health services or onsite mental health clinicians can still address the needs of these patients.
May 13, 2020 by Priya Bathija
This year, National Hospital Week (May 10-16) takes on a special significance. For months, we have watched with awe and gratitude as the 6 million women and men of America’s hospitals and health systems have fought courageously each and every day to protect the health of an entire nation.