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May 17, 2021 by Rod Hochman, M.D.
Millions of people across our country are living with a mental health issue. It’s estimated that one in five U.S. adults and one in six young people ages 6-17 experience a mental health disorder every year.
May 14, 2021 by Rick Pollack
The heroic efforts of our hospitals, health systems and care teams in fighting the pandemic over the past 17 months is a testament to the dedication and determination of the best health professionals in the world. 
May 10, 2021 by Rod Hochman, M.D.
Today is “Our Cup Runneth Over with Gratitude” Day at Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital in El Dorado, Kan. Employees are wearing blue and yellow SBA colors and getting a stainless steel cup as a small gift of thanks from their hospital leaders.  
May 7, 2021 by Rick Pollack
President Biden has expressed his hope that America will have a normal, or as close to normal as possible, Fourth of July this year. All the signs increasingly point to fulfillment of that wish — a wish we all share.
May 7, 2021 by Ashley Thompson
A recent report from the Lown Institute that ranks hospitals on what they deem to be unnecessary hospital services, tests and procedures attempts to make sweeping conclusions about hospital value based on data that are not only incomplete, but also not current. 
May 7, 2021 by Blaine Greenwald
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services should reconsider its decision to discontinue coverage of tele-audio services when the COVID-19 public health emergency ends, writes Blaine Greenwald, M.D., vice chair and director of geriatric psychiatry in the department of psychiatry at Zucker Hillside Hospital, Northwell Health's behavioral health center. Greenwald notes that a significant proportion of older adults without access to tele-video services are instead relying on tele-audio during the COVID-19 pandemic for their psychiatric appointments. As we mark May as Mental Health Awareness Month, read more about why hospital outpatient departments must mobilize to overcome tele-video capability disparities and why reimbursement for some post-PHE audio-only services should be reconsidered to protect the mental health of older Americans.
May 6, 2021 by Joy Lewis
What does it take to become an everyday champion for advancing health equity? How do hospitals and health systems successfully transition from planning to taking action and creating real cultural change? 
May 5, 2021 by John Riggi
Are you aware that cyber adversaries target the health care sector the most of all critical infrastructure sectors? Hospitals and health systems in particular have frequently been the target of high-impact ransomware attacks, which disrupt patient care and risk patient safety. 
May 5, 2021
While certain health care supply chain pressures remain during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are notable improvements, particularly in the area of collaboration.