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May 20, 2022 by Rick Pollack
Hospitals and health systems work hard every day to deliver high-quality health care services to all patients in their communities.
May 17, 2022 by Lisa Kidder Hrobsky, Senior Vice President, Federal Relations, Advocacy Political Affairs, Government Relations
A recent op-ed in the online publication STAT (Turn off the spigot for hospitals’ COVID-19 relief funding) contains blatant factual inaccuracies but also omits critical information about hospital and health systems’ finances and input costs.
May 16, 2022 by Wright L. Lassiter III, Chair, American Hospital Association
Talking about death or dying is an uncomfortable topic for many of us. Hospitals and health systems provide life-saving treatments and care for people as they recover from illness or injury. Just as important, health care organizations are transforming end-of-life care to better care for people with serious and life-limiting illness and their loved ones.
May 13, 2022 by Rick Pollack, President and CEO, AHA
After two years on the frontlines in the battle against this pandemic, hospitals and health systems have seen a dramatic rise in costs of labor, drugs, supplies and equipment.
May 13, 2022 by Rick Pollack
Yesterday, our country surpassed a grim and somber milestone: 1 million COVID-19 deaths in the U.S..
May 9, 2022 by Wright L. Lassiter III, Chair, American Hospital Association
It’s National Hospital Week — an annual event of seven days to recognize the 5,000 hospitals, health systems and networks, as well as the more than 6 million people, who provide care to individuals and communities.
May 6, 2022 by Rick Pollack
Two of the simplest words also carry the most meaning: “thank you.”
May 3, 2022 by Craig Aasved
Five years ago, Shodair Children's Hospital embarked on a project to build a state-of-the-art psychiatric hospital. Designed by providers, patients and families who worked with leadership, architects, and designers, it will provide patients with individual rooms and restrooms; adaptable flexible spaces; a spiritual space with a smudge room; a pool; state-of-the-art security and safety; and quiet rooms with windows and recorded music.
May 2, 2022 by Wright L. Lassiter III, Chair, American Hospital Association
One priority for hospitals and health systems is advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. The AHA’s next gathering, the Accelerating Health Equity Conference, May 10–12 in Cleveland, will focus on that topic.
May 2, 2022 by Terrence Cunningham, by Andrea Preisler
The AHA is committed to further identifying ways to improve health care system efficiency while providing the highest quality of care.
Apr 29, 2022 by Rick Pollack
Courage. Compassion. Workforce. Health equity. Heroes. Challenges. Innovation. Community partnerships. Leadership. Opportunities. These were some of the most common words we heard from attendees and speakers talking about our field at this week’s AHA Annual Membership Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Apr 29, 2022 by Benjamin Finder
Researchers are off base when they claim the rate Medicare pays hospitals and health systems for services is an appropriate benchmark for commercial insurance rates.
Apr 28, 2022 by Holly L. Geyer, M.D.
Reduce barriers to naloxone access. Put it in the hands of patients, families, friends, law enforcement officers and anyone hoping for the chance to be a Good Samaritan.
Apr 26, 2022 by Saavon Smalls
Updates from the American Hospital Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., April 24-26, 2022.
Apr 25, 2022 by Joy A. Lewis
National Minority Health Month can be a launchpad to closing the ‘knowing-doing’ gap.
Apr 22, 2022 by Rick Pollack
Americans are ready to move on from COVID-19, but the virus isn’t finished, and hospitals are still feeling the crush of the pandemic.
Apr 21, 2022 by Nancy Myers
Attendees of the upcoming Accelerating Health Equity Conference, May 10-12 in Cleveland, will have an excellent opportunity to see the Health Equity Roadmap come to life as they join counterparts in other health care and community organizations for hands-on learning that can bolster efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.
Apr 19, 2022
We spoke with Leon D. Caldwell, AHA’s senior director for health equity strategies and innovation and one of the Health Equity Roadmap’s architects, about its importance to hospitals and health systems.
Apr 18, 2022 by Wright L. Lassiter III, Chair, American Hospital Association
On this episode, Wright L. Lassiter III, Chair, American Hospital Association, talks with Matthew Stanley, D.O., a psychiatrist and clinical vice president of the behavioral health service line at Avera Health, based in Sioux Falls, S.D. He is chair-elect of AHA’s Behavioral Health Services Committee.
Apr 15, 2022 by Rick Pollack
Hospital and health system leaders from across the country next weekend will begin to arrive in Washington, D.C.