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Mar 26, 2021 by Rick Pollack
As more vaccine supplies become available and more jurisdictions expand priority categories or do away with them altogether, hospitals and health systems continue to work overtime to serve as access points.
Mar 25, 2021 by Priya Bathija
Throughout the pandemic, innovative partnerships have helped hospitals and health systems ensure ongoing care for patients, health care workers and their communities. Here are some of the success stories that have shone brightly at every phase of this public health emergency. Plus, there’s an opportunity to learn how we can help accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations.
Mar 25, 2021 by Mital Patel
A new Market Insights report from the AHA Center for Health Innovation describes how to use data to build new capabilities that improve health outcomes for patients and communities.
Mar 22, 2021 by Rod Hochman, M.D.
Health care is about human connection: people taking care of people. The people of America’s hospitals and health systems do this each and every day, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the vital role they play in our nation’s health and safety. 
Mar 19, 2021 by Rick Pollack
The incredible job that hospitals and caregivers have done over the past year saving lives, treating very sick patients and protecting their communities has been acknowledged and enabled by Congress through relief aid several times since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Mar 16, 2021 by Joy Lewis
AHA launches the first in a new series of toolkits designed to help hospitals and health systems make progress in advancing their health equity agenda.
Mar 15, 2021 by Kelly Ryan, by Gina Sharp
One way to demonstrate respect and not stigmatize when discussing people with mental health diagnoses is to use person-first language, writes Kelly Ryan, director of social services and doctoral training at Linden Oaks at Edward Hospital and Health Services in Illinois, and Gina Sharp, president and CEO of Linden Oaks Behavioral Health.
Mar 15, 2021 by Rod Hochman, M.D.
At hospitals and health systems across the country, patient safety is a priority every single day. Each year as AHA marks Patient Safety Awareness Week, we recognize the work of health care teams and promote discussions about patient safety. It’s a time when we also mark the progress we’ve made as a field, which is more important than ever as we look toward recovery from the pandemic.
Mar 12, 2021 by Rick Pollack
Patients should expect that any drugs or medications they require are safe, administered effectively and available when needed. But, some commercial health insurance companies are changing the rules about how drugs are handled and administered, with serious consequences for patient care.
Mar 11, 2021 by Lindsey Dunn Burgstahler
The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed many of the things that shape our lives: our relationships, our work, our interactions with technology and one another. And although it has undoubtedly changed leaders, it hasn’t changed what we know about leadership.