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Apr 13, 2021 by Melinda Hatton
A recent American Economic Review article provides an outdated and recycled take on the effect of hospital consolidation on wages. The article first appeared as a working paper several years ago.
Apr 12, 2021 by Donald Parker, by Amy Frieman, M.D. , by Joseph Miller
Hackensack Meridian Health’s clinical experts have learned a wide variety of important lessons and strategies for managing COVID-19’s toll on mental health, write three of the health system’s leaders. Read more about the steps Hackensack took to improve the mental health of its workforce and how you can reproduce them yourself.
Apr 12, 2021 by Rod Hochman, M.D.
One legacy of our response to COVID-19 surely will be how it has accelerated the adoption of virtual care. It is one of the more encouraging developments during the losses of the pandemic. 
Apr 9, 2021 by Rick Pollack
When Congress returns to Washington, D.C., on Monday, lawmakers’ attention will turn to one of the largest infrastructure spending packages in our nation’s history. 
Apr 7, 2021 by Terrence Cunningham
The availability of swift, accurate and reliable diagnostic testing during the public health emergency has been extremely important.
Apr 7, 2021 by Priya Bathija
Many of the digital solutions we relied on during the pandemic will remain, making digital health equity, including digital access and literacy, even more important. As hospitals and health systems design and implement digital solutions, it will be imperative to take proactive steps so all individuals have the opportunity to engage with these tools.
Apr 5, 2021 by Rod Hochman, M.D.
We know that a person’s health is influenced more by their social and economic circumstances than by access to medical services. However, making a real difference for people who struggle with social needs remains a significant challenge. 
Apr 2, 2021 by Priya Bathija, by Aisha Syeda
In 2019, 1 in 5 women suffered from a mental health disorder. Now, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, even more women are reporting increases in challenges associated with mental illness as they continue to take on responsibilities they had not been prepared for. 
Mar 30, 2021 by Elisa Arespacochaga
2021 marks year three of the AHA Physician Alliance, created to help hospital and health systems better engage and partner with physician leadership and to strengthen that voice in the American Hospital Association’s  policy efforts.
Mar 29, 2021 by Rod Hochman, M.D.
In this episode of Leadership Rounds, I talk with Alvin Hoover, CEO of King’s Daughters Medical Center in Brookhaven, Miss., who is serving on the front lines of rural health care.