Frequent User System Engagement (FUSE 2.0) - Bronson Healthcare

Bronson Healthcare | Kalamazoo, MI

Bronson Healthcare is a regional health system serving nine counties in southwest Michigan. Its flagship hospital implemented a Frequent User System Engagement 2.0 (FUSE) pilot program – a collaborative effort targeting frequent users of the emergency department (ED) with chronic unmanaged pain who are also homeless. This population, representing the highest utilizers of multiple community safety net systems, has complex medical and social needs with underlying mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse issues. These issues coupled with fragmented care significantly impact quality of life.

FUSE 2.0 seeks to create a systems change, whole person approach addressing medical needs concurrent with mental health, substance abuse, social service, and housing needs that contribute to high utilization of ED services, poor health outcomes, and poor life choices. FUSE 2.0 will bridge safety net systems and the medical community, building communication between medical, mental health, housing, and other disciplines that do not traditionally collaborate effectively.

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