Case Study: Tidelands Community Care Network

Community Health Worker - Members in Action Case Study

Tidelands Community Care Network
Tidelands Health | Georgetown, S.C.

The goal of Tidelands Community Care Network (TCCN) is to facilitate access to care at the right time and in the right place for uninsured adults ages 19 and older. TCCN has grown into a multi-sector coalition of community health stakeholders aiming to improve community wellness. Created in 2012, TCCN uses a dual approach of providing care coordination and outreach services while also working with community partners to address systemic, cultural, and generational barriers to care and improved community health. The integrated care team includes three community health workers (CHWs), a behavioral health manager, intake coordinator, six care coordinators and nurse partners providing chronic disease care pathways and health education. The TCCN team also includes a Welvista representative to facilitate access to medications.

TCCN uses a number of strategies to help remove the barriers residents face in getting the health care they need. The network connects residents with a medical home, provides access to high-quality chronic disease management and specialty care, empowers patients to take control of their health and more. TCCN is built upon collaborations and has made numerous strides during the last few years as a result of these strong partnerships.

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