The Path Forward 2019

Our Vision: A society of healthy communities where all individuals reach their highest potential for health.

The AHA’s mission is to advance the health of individuals and communities. The AHA leads, represents and serves hospitals, health systems, and other related organizations that are accountable to the community and committed to health improvement.

Hospitals and health care systems are committed to Advancing Health In America through:

  • Access: Access to affordable, equitable health, behavioral and social services
  • Health: Focus on holistic well-being in partnership with community resources
  • Innovation: Seamless care propelled by teams, technology, innovation and data
  • Affordability: The best care that adds value to lives

Individual As Partner: Recognize the diversity of individuals and serve as partners in their health

“H” of the future: Hospitals, Health systems and Health organizations are transforming and will continue to lead to provide a network of caring that improves the health of communities.

The AHA supports the field through a multifaceted approach:

AHA multifaceted approach diagram

Priority Issues:

  • Access and coverage
  • Advancing clinical care
  • Affordability
  • Delivery and payment models
  • Regulatory relief
  • Workforce and leadership
  • Innovation capacity

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