Robert M. Sigmond — In First Person: An Oral History Part 2

Interviewed by Kim M. Garber on August 8, 2008

Edited by Kim M. Garber

Sponsored by
American Hospital Association
Center for Hospital and Healthcare Administration History
Health Research & Educational Trust

Chicago, Illinois

This interview with Robert M. Sigmond is a follow-up to his earlier oral history interview conducted in 1980. While a student, Bob Sigmond became interested in economics and in local community affairs. His study of these subjects at Penn State soon led to a career dedicated to the health care field. Mr. Sigmond has served as the chief executive of Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, as the executive director of three associations, as a senior advisor to the Blue Cross Association and as a university faculty member, among other positions. He is a prolific author. He has known many of the key figures in health care administration and policy since the Second World War.

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