Social Determinants of Health Curriculum for Clinicians

Built around the proactive concept of upstream care, the series was developed with Rishi Manchanda, M.D., M.P.H., president and CEO at HealthBegins, an organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening the work of frontline clinicians and community partners to improve care and address the social determinants of health (SDoH). The AHA Physician Alliance has developed resources to help clinicians address social determinants of health within a framework that maximizes their skills while helping organizations systemically approach these challenges.


SDOH Icons

Virtual Expedition Modules

A series on how healthcare leaders use upstream quality improvement to address SDoH inequalities

Four Keys to Applying Quality Performance Tools and Tackling SDoH

An AHA STAT Blog focusing on how to use existing skills and resources to tackle SDoH

HealthBegins Resources

HealthBegins, a professional home for Upstreamists, has developed resources to improve communication about an address health-related social needs and social determinants of health. 


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