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Our mission is to promote community health and development by connecting people, ideas and resources, and to create the next generation of sustainable clinical-community partnerships in the process.

HCC’s learning lab approach informs and nurtures the development and deployment of hospital-community partnerships through virtual learning sprints that encourage peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges and set the foundation for success.

HCC’s national program is built around six-month learning sprints that consist of 20 hospital-community teams nationwide. Separately, HCC’s state program, which began in New Jersey in 2022, is comprised of hospitals and their community partners based in the state and focuses on a year-long learning sprint dedicated to promoting and expanding digital health equity. For both national and state programs, the HCC experience includes:

  • A robust peer-to-peer learning network;
  • An interactive and curated digital tools to develop, deploy and sustain community partnerships;
  • Technical assistance from national subject matter experts and leaders; and
  • An AHA central hub for tools and resources related to health equity.

State program participants also receive additional 1-on-1 technical assistance and support. For all HCC programs, training and resources respond to emerging needs in the field, with each cohort organized around a shared issue.

Key topics that HCC covers include principles and tactics for successful partnerships; data sources, collection, and analytics; strengthening community engagement and trust building; crafting the business case for leadership; and community investment and funding opportunities.


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