AHA Releases 2022-2024 Strategic Plan and Updates to Vision and Mission Statements

Special Bulletin
February 8, 2022

Updates to Vision and Mission Statements More Directly Reflect Importance of Equity in Advancing Health of Individuals and Communities

For more than two full years, America’s hospitals and health systems – and their millions of caregivers and front-line team members – have demonstrated courage and compassion as they’ve worked tirelessly to care for and protect their patients and communities.

Reflective of the challenges faced by the field, we’ve adjusted our priorities and focus to meet the immediate needs of responding to the pandemic while also continuing to work on long-term strategies to advance health in America.

Recognizing the new environment we are in, the AHA has developed a three-year strategic plan (2022-2024) featuring five strategic pillars that will guide the association’s work. These include:

  • Provide Better Care and Greater Value
  • Ensure the Financial Stability of Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Enhance Public Trust and Confidence in Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Address Workforce Challenges: Now, Near and Far
  • Improve the Health Care Consumer Experience

The plan also acknowledges that equity and behavioral health cut across each of these pillars and that advanced data analytics, leadership and partnerships will be pivotal to achieving success.

The AHA Board of Trustees at its meeting last month approved the plan, which includes input from hospital and health system leaders across the country, as well as our state, regional and metropolitan association partners.

You can download the Strategic Plan and other resources here. We hope that the plan will be useful to you as we chart a course to 2025 and provide a framework that you can use for your own organization.


The AHA Board of Trustees also approved updates to the association’s vision and mission statements to more directly reflect the importance of equity in advancing the health of individuals and communities. The updated vision and mission statements follow (updates noted in red).

AHA Vision Statement: The AHA Vision is of a just society of healthy communities, where all individuals reach their highest potential for health.

AHA Mission Statement: The AHA Mission is to advance the health of all individuals and communities. AHA leads, represents, and serves hospitals, health systems and other related organizations that are accountable to communities and committed to equitable care and health improvement for all.


If you have questions, please contact AHA at 800-424-4301.