The AHA Hospital Community Collaborative (HCC) provides proven ideas, insights and resources for creating effective, sustainable collaborations between hospitals and community organizations across sectors to accelerate health equity.

Why Join Us?

The Hospital Community Collaborative online program aims to make it easier for hospitals and community organizations to develop and lead grassroots interventions that advance health equity. The program coaches community partners to effectively work together and develop initiatives that transform the conditions and outcomes that matter to their communities.

HCC’s learning lab approach informs and nurtures the development of hospital-community partnerships, encourages peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges and sets the foundation for success.

Delivered in an online platform, users can progress through the six-module program at their own pace, and engage with peers in an online community and participate in live virtual coaching sessions throughout the year.

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Key Topics Include:

  • Principles and tactics for successful partnerships
  • Data sources, collection and analytics
  • Strengthening community engagement and trust building
  • Crafting the business case for leadership
  • Community investment and funding opportunities
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Provide Online Learners with the Ability to:

  • Achieve better collaboration and build stronger partnerships.
  • Harness meaningful data to build strategic and sustainable community health projects and programs.
  • Learn independently and collaborate together with community partners to put learning into action.
  • Focus on the content areas that best meet each learner's needs and helps address individual knowledge gaps.


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HCC is made possible by support from the Novartis Foundation. The Novartis US Foundation is a charitable organization established by Novartis to support philanthropic efforts in the United States. The mission of the Novartis US Foundation is to improve health in underserved communities in the United States by creating innovative and sustainable solutions to expand access to healthcare and build trust within the healthcare system.