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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released the results of an update to its assessment of hospital compliance.
More than half in the U.S. are operating at a loss, while expenses and inflation are at historic highs.
Ten principles that community stakeholders endorse as the guiding compass on your journey to establishing trustworthiness.
A concise yet resource-rich learning journey to support a successful, sustainable multi-sector collaborative.
The tool provides an approachable format to understand progress toward benchmarks characteristic of effective partnerships, to identify areas for further development, and guide strategic conversation between partners.
Considerations for health care organizations and government entities seeking to build effective partnerships with the individuals and communities they serve to better address their health and social needs.
March 2019 -- Brian Gragnolati, chair of the AHA Board of Trustees and President and CEO of Atlantic Health System, discusses in Modern Healthcare the important of improving health care access and affordability and focusing on collaboration in order to advance health for all.
January 2019 -- Adapting existing technology, the Texas Hospital Association is helping health care providers in Texas fight the state's opioid epidemic with software that providers relevant patient information in real-time. Learn more.
Hospitals are focusing on nutrition to care for all needs of their patients, sending them home with prescriptions as well as bags of healthy food.