This document outlines a formal system for evaluating, determining, and communicating the appropriate threat advisory level for the Health-ISAC membership.
On February 15, 2024, the Health-ISAC Threat Intelligence Committee (TIC) evaluated the current Cyber Threat Level.
H-ISAC TLP Green Daily Physical Security Report for February 20, 2024.
H-ISAC TLP Green Daily Cyber Headlines for February 20, 2024.
A daily ransomware tracker at TLP:GREEN for the purpose of increasing ransomware threat awareness.
Congress will return home for a short recess over the President’s Day holiday on Feb. 19. During this period, AHA members are urged to connect with their lawmakers to request hospitals are protected in new bills to fund the government beyond two March deadlines.
H-ISAC TLP GREEN: Daily Cyber Headlines for February 14, 2024.