MACRA 101 Video Series


MACRA Video 101 Series

To educate hospitals, clinicians and trustees, the AHA offers the MACRA 101 video series. The first series provides a high-level policy perspective on the QPP, while the second series features physician leaders discussing education strategies to consider. The MACRA Minutes videos offer the same key information in small, digestible nuggets.



Series #1 – Policy Panel Discussion

A high-level discussion with AHA policy experts about what MACRA does and its implications for physicians and hospitals.

MACRA 101 Video Policy Panel

MACRA Minutes: These mini-segments offer key information in small, digestible nuggets.


Series #2 – Discussion with Physician Panel

Three physician leaders from AHA’s Committee on Clinical Leadership discuss how to engage clinicians in MACRA implementation efforts.

MACRA Minutes: These mini-segments offer key information in small, digestible nuggets.


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