Workforce Planning from a Health System Perspective

Held December 6, 2017

This program offers three perspectives on the strategies and key leaders needed to develop a system-wide workforce development plan.  First, Rhonda Anderson, former CEO of Cardon Children’s Medical Center, part of BannerHealth and member of the AHA 2016 Committee on Performance Improvement will give an overview of the AHA Committee on Performance Improvement report, The Imperative for Strategic Workforce Planning and Development: Challenges and Opportunities released in February 2017.  Carol Cheney, Vice President of Staffing and Workforce Planning for Banner Health will speak specifically about the workforce development and strategic planning that she leads at Banner Health.  To address the critical financial investment piece of workforce planning, Chuck Alsdurf, former Director of Finance at Maine Medical Center and now Vice President at the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) will provide his perspective on how and why long-term, strategic investment in the workforce is more important than ever.

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