Be Well: Patient Safety and Clinician Well-being

In April 2021, one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the Physician Alliance engaged Michael R. Privitera, MD, MS, Professor of Psychiatry Medical Director, Medical Faculty and Clinician Wellness Program University of Rochester Medical Center and Kate MacNamee, MS, Director of Design Research at Ximedica to discuss the link between clinician well-being and patient safety.

In the dynamic and stressful environment of health care, leadership training hasn’t always incorporated rapid technology advancement and how to lead teams through those changes. Understanding the lag of human adaptation behind technological advances can be key in adoption and learning. Understanding of basic human factors can help leaders and clinical teams connect and advance together. This webinar explores a framework to build on traditional safety models integrated with consideration for human factors affecting outcomes.

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Integrating Patient Safety and Clinician Wellbeing

Privitera MR, MacNamee K. Physician Leadership Journal. Online 1-13-21.