Clinical Integration - Reports and Studies

Background resources, reports and studies regarding clinical integration topics.


Hospitals: The Changing Landscape is Good for Patients & Health Care, March 2012

Report: A Critique of Recent Publications Claiming Provider Market Power, October, 2010
Executive Summary

Health for Life Report: Most Efficient, Affordable Care, December 2007

High-Cost Medicare Beneficiaries, May 2005, Congressional Business Office

Chronic Care: Making the Case for Ongoing Care, Johns Hopkins for RWJ, 2004 Update

Disease Management in Medicaid, California Healthcare Foundation, December 2004

Long-Term Care: Confronting Today's Challenges, Academy Health, June 2003

Back to the Drawing Board: New Directions in Health Plans' Care Management Strategies. Health Affairs, September/October 2002

Chronic Conditions: A Challenge for the 21st Century, National Academy on an Aging Society, November 1999

Demography is Not Destiny, National Academy on an Aging Society, January 1999


Facts and Figures

A Portrait of Informal Caregivers in America, 2001

A Portrait of the Chronically Ill in America, 2001

Data Profile Series: Family Caregivers of Older Persons Center on an Aging Society



Physician Organization in Relation to Quality and Efficiency of Care: A Synthesis of Recent Literature, The Commonwealth Fund, April 17, 2008

Quality Matters: Care Coordination, The Commonwealth Fund, May/June 2007


Cost and Coverage

Uninsured Americans with Chronic Conditions: Key Findings from the National Health Interview Survey, The Urban Institute and the University of Maryland, May 2005

Rising Health Costs, Medical Debt and Chronic Conditions, Center for Studying Health System Change, September 2004

Financing Long-Term Care for the Elderly, April 2004, Congressional Business Office

CASE EXAMPLES: Stretching State Health Care Dollars: Care Management to Enhance Cost-Effectiveness, Commonwealth Fund, October 2004

The Decade Preceding Medicare Coverage; Insurance Matters for People with Chronic Conditions, Center on an Aging Society, Georgetown University, September 2003

Triple Jeopardy: Low Income, Chronically Ill and Uninsured in America, Center for Studying Health System Change, February 2002

High-Risk Pools, Council for Affordable Health Insurance