Section 4

Expanding the Reach

The fourth section of the guide includes strategies about hiring veterans, professional governance models and academic-practice partnerships. Chapter 9 gives suggestions on how organizations can hire veterans by working with local military and veterans' groups, bringing qualified personnel, many with enhanced leadership skills, to health care. Chapter 10 is about employing shared governance models to reach beyond nursing for other professions. Finally, Chapter 11 addresses how leaders can develop or grow existing academic-practice partnerships to provide additional skill development for current workforce or anticipate longer-term trends and address future needs.

military doctor examining child with stethoscope
Chapter 9

Recruitment: An Opportunity to Hire Veterans

As organizations rethink their approaches to recruitment and retention, consider the value military veterans bring. They contribute both clinical skills and leadership experience, both critical as hospitals pursue new care models.

diverse professionals sit at a conference table
Chapter 10

Professional Governance Models

Strong leadership is essential for informing and supporting professional shared governance. Effective leaders use the structures of professional governance to build a culture of excellence, where interprofessional teams can exercise accountability for service delivery that advances patient outcomes.

young people in scrubs and white coats sit talking in a row
Chapter 11

Partnering for the Future: Academic-practice Partnerships

As organizations rethink their approaches to recruitment and retention, many are expanding on the strategic relationships that exist between clinical settings and educational institutions to advance mutual interests and priorities.