2014 Highlights of the Continuing Journey of Past Circle of Life Winners

2014 Circles of Influence

Circles of Influence

Highlights of the Continuing Journey of Past Circle of Life Winners


Organization: Baylor Health Care System Supportive and Palliative Care Services, Dallas, TX. Innovation highlights were its ambulatory palliative care, supportive care focus, and system cultural transformation.

Organization: OACIS/Palliative Medicine at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), Allentown, PA. Innovation highlights cited for the OACIS/ Palliative Medicine program were the innovative community-based palliative care service, the dual leadership structure and the utilization of a time bank to meet the needs of patients and families.

Recent Achievements:

  • OACIS/Palliative Medicine is integral to the network and part of the FY15 and FY16 LVHN mission goals
  • The program successfully advocated within the network to add social work positions to its home-based and inpatient services
  • There has been significant growth, especially in the inpatient consult service, which led to the addition of clinical and support staff
  • Operations of the outpatient clinic service are slated to expand from one to five days a week
  • Organizations around the country have been interested in learning from the OACIS/Palliative Medicine experience with providing specialty palliative care services in the home
  • Team members have been invited to contribute their technical expertise to national-level efforts to develop community-based palliative care programs
  • Several members of the team have presented at national meetings and contributed to publications on palliative care in different settings

Award Impact: Receiving national recognition for its work through the Circle of Life Award was a great honor for the OACIS/Palliative Medicine team and Lehigh Valley Health Network. It validated the dedicated efforts by many and over many years to envision, design and execute a high quality palliative care program across the continuum. It especially emphasized the crucial role home-based palliative care plays in addressing the needs of seriously ill patients and their families who live in the community and struggle to gain access to the care and coordination of services they require to achieve the best possible health status and quality of life. The Circle of Life Award is an ongoing incentive to continue to build a first rate program and contribute to building a solid evidence base for palliative care through collaborative learning with other organizations.

Organization: Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital and Foundation, Yakima, WA. Innovation highlights were its community partnerships, rural outreach, and spiritual care and leadership.