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Be recognized as a national quality leader. The AHA Quest for Quality Prize honors hospitals and health systems committed to leadership and innovation in improving quality and advancing health. Applicants should provide access to exceptional quality, safe and patient- and family-centered care, partner with other community organizations and agencies to improve the health status of their communities and address disparities, and develop new and innovative models of care.

The AHA Quest for Quality Prize will honor one winner, up to two finalists and up to two Citation of Merit recipients.

2024 Application

Download the 2024 AHA Quest for Quality Prize application. Applicants can apply as a hospital or a system using this application.

Please note that a hospital that is part of a system may apply separately as a hospital even if the system as a whole is applying as a system. However, if the system is selected for a site visit, the hospital would not be eligible for a separate site visit and would be considered only as part of the system.

Submissions are due by midnight Central Time, Tuesday, Sept. 12. Convert your application and attachments into a single PDF to ensure all materials are seen by the committee and to minimize the chance of distortion. The file name should contain your organization’s name. Email applications to questforquality@aha.org.

Questions? Please email questforquality@aha.org.


How do you know if your organization is “ready” to apply?

The quest for quality is a journey without end; you should apply if your organization is striving to

  • Raise awareness of the value of a hospital-wide/system-wide commitment to advancing health in America by providing access to exceptional quality, safe, and patient- and family-centered and affordable care that promotes individual and community well-being and adds value to lives
  • Showcase successful efforts to develop and promote new and innovative models of care, services and collaboration to provide seamless care
  • Inspire hospitals and systems to lead and partner with other community organizations to improve health status and address health care disparities
  • Recognize hospital and system leadership to improve efficiency and effectiveness of care

Hospitals and systems tell us that going through the application process was valuable in and of itself — it led to amazing discoveries about their own organization, their dedicated teams, and their best practices and innovation.

All health systems and hospitals in the United States are eligible to apply for the award. A “system” is defined as two or more hospitals owned, leased, sponsored or contract managed by a central organization. “System” shall refer to the parent organization and “hospital” shall refer to the system’s individual hospitals. Depending on your organization type, you have the option of selecting the “Hospital” or “Health System” application.

Please email questforquality@aha.org with any questions about the prize.

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2022 Quest for Quality Prize Honorees

Winner: University Hospitals

Finalist: Ochsner Health

Finalist: WellSpan Health

Citation of Merit: NorthShore University HealthSystem

University Hospitals

WellSpan Health

Ochsner Medical Center

NorthShore University HealthSystem

2022 Quest for Quality Prize Podcasts

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2022 Quest for Quality Prize Winner University Hospitals

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