COVID-19 Communications Resources

As the coronavirus continues to unfold, hospitals and health systems across the field are working hard to develop, execute and adjust their communications plans. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the novel virus and the situation is constantly changing, so the challenges are great. Yet, smart approaches to communicating during this health care crisis are happening all around us.

The AHA in partnership with SHSMD have identified tools and resources to help you and your teams communicate effectively, as well as examples of successful communications efforts by hospitals big and small.

We hope this will serve as a great source of support and inspiration for your communications teams.

Communications Checklist

This communications checklist is designed to help you adjust your communications strategies and channels to help keep your internal and external audiences informed and engaged.

Communicating Recovery Strategies

While hospitals and health systems continue to respond to the pandemic, the need for safe medical care not related to COVID-19 becomes more important than ever. The field is taking incredible steps to ensure emergency, nonemergent and preventive care is still available and safe to access.

Hospital communications teams need to take proactive steps to address community concerns and communicate how their policies and procedures have changed to ensure the safety of their staff, patients and other stakeholders. The Recovery Communications Toolkit is designed to help you amplify the message that your hospital is safe, continues to implement proactive safety measures, and is prepared to handle all emergency and nonemergency patient care during these challenging times.

Hospital Communications Examples

AHA Communications Tools & Resources

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