Are You a Future-Ready Leader? There’s a Quiz for That.

Are You a Future-Ready Leader? There’s a Quiz for That. User taking future-ready test on mobile phone.Technology is transforming how the world works. Automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping the roles humans hold, and the responsibilities we carry out. While this shift creates uncertainty, it also creates opportunity for organizations that are open and adaptive to new ways of working.

So, what determines if an organization is positioned to succeed in this new economy? Well, its people — in particular, its leaders —are a major factor. To excel in a world in which people work at the direction of algorithms and alongside robots, you need to cultivate a workforce that asks: “What will this technology do for me, versus what will it do to me?” said James McQuivey, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester, at the research and advisory firm’s annual Digital Transformation & Innovation event last week.

To assess who is future-fit and who isn’t (yet), Forrester offers an assessment for leaders that scores them along nine future-ready attributes that include curiosity, agility, comfort with risk and a collaboration bias. Take the quiz for yourself. The assessment and your results are free; additional reports and guidance are limited to Forrester clients.

To further explore future-ready leadership, join us at the 2019 AHA Leadership Summit, July 25-27, in San Diego. The event features more than 50 sessions on transformational leadership and innovation in health care.

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