Surveying the AI Health Care Landscape

Surveying the AI Health Care Landscape cover

Getting a firm grasp on the current and potential future applications and capabilities of artificial intelligence in health care can be difficult. One big reason: Enthusiasm for AI and hyperbole too often color coverage of the technology.

A new AHA Center for Health Innovation Market Insights report — “Surveying the AI Health Care Landscape” — takes a different approach. It assesses AI’s applications to solve some of the field’s most vexing challenges and common use cases for AI in four broad areas: administrative, financial, operational and clinical.

Compiled from research findings, surveys and insights provided by experts from provider organizations, AI system developers and technology consultants, the report also lists a sampling of vendors that sell, test and develop solutions in the four focus areas. Color-coding is used to denote whether AI solutions in these areas are available now (green), being beta-tested at hospitals or health systems (yellow) or are still in development (red).

The AHA Center for Health Innovation’s resource page provides access to this report and other tools to assist you with AI exploration and implementation.

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