Alexa Can Now Answer Questions about 1,500 Most-Prescribed Drugs

Amazon Alexa puck stockAmazon continues to grow its partnerships with health care technology companies as it expands its access points with consumers. The latest move: a deal with drug and medical database company First Databank (FDB) that will allow Amazon’s Alexa voice-assistant users to ask for information on the 1,500 most commonly prescribed drugs in the U.S.

The initiative will leverage concise clinical drug information authored specifically for Alexa by FDB clinicians, based on their reviews of the most relevant content from each company’s proprietary drug information monographs. The project also provides custom content that allows consumers to ask about a drug’s effects — interactions, side effects, precautions and the drug’s class. The custom data file will provide information in English and Spanish and will be updated regularly.

The feature adds a new dimension of care management to Amazon’s HIPAA-compliant voice assistant, which now has a 70% share of the U.S. home voice assistant market, according to Healthcare Dive. FDB officials argue that the information provided by the service will lead to improved medication adherence, a reduction in adverse drug events and better patient outcomes.

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