Ballad Health in Johnson City, Tennessee, recently completed an interesting pilot to improve communication around medication adherence. It worked with Grapefruit Health, a startup focused on addressing health care’s staffing shortage by creating a workforce solely comprising clinical students.
Amid the sound bites and substance delivered at the recent HLTH conference, health care leaders, transformers and innovators shared how they plan to reshape care delivery, partner to drive innovation and help consumers get greater access to obesity and diabetes medications along with a greater…
A new plan will transition Blue Shield of California’s drug supply management from CVS Health’s PBM to five companies — a move the payer believes will save its 4.8 million members as much as $500 million a year in drug costs or about 10% to 15% of what it spends on drugs annually.
Pharmaceutical shortages and supply chain failures can have a devastating impact on patients. The RAPID Reserve Act would establish a program to improve supply chain resiliency for critical generic drug products, ensuring adequate supply is available even in the event of a shortage.
The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Risk Assessment Act of 2023 would require a comprehensive risk assessment of the entire U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain. This overarching project will help provide critical information necessary to mitigate and prevent drug supply shortages.
Hospitals and health systems share concern about chronic and increasing drug shortages that have serious consequences for patient safety, quality of care and access to therapies. Addressing drug shortages is complex and costly to hospitals and health systems in terms of staff time and other…
The state of California put up $50 million to have Civica Rx manufacture and distribute low-cost biosimilars for the three most used short- and long-acting insulins.
The market for biosimilar drugs to treat cancer, inflammatory diseases, diabetes and more will continue to expand, ideally resulting in lower prices as more pharmaceutical patents expire and competitors enter the market.
The Food and Drug Administration yesterday revised its recent guidance for outsourcing facilities compounding certain ibuprofen oral suspension products.
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