Provider and Payer Joint Venture to Advance Value-Based Care

Provider and Payer Joint Venture to Advance Value-Based Care. A white head with the top of the head slipped up faces a black head with the top of the headed flipped up with a white arrow going from the top of the white head to the top of the black head and a black arrow from the top of the black heading to to the top of the white head as the two people exchange information.Providers and insurers have been working together for years to align incentives on payment and quality, but Delaware-based ChristianaCare and Highmark Health Options are taking their relationship a step further. They’ve established a 10-year deal to create a new for-profit joint venture company aimed at reducing costs and advancing value-based care.

The as-yet unnamed company will create a new virtual care center and deploy technology and data to improve outcomes and make care more affordable. The companies also will collaborate on the launch of a Solutions Design Center that will build out analytics technologies to boost quality, achieve greater efficiency and improve consumer and provider experiences.

The design center will go beyond what an innovation center typically does, combining expertise and data from both the provider and payer sides, said Ken L. Silverstein, M.D., ChristianaCare’s chief physician executive, in a statement about the collaboration.

Among the company’s objectives are:

  • Making smarter use of technology (e.g., wearables, remote monitoring, video visits and secure texting) and data to help create care models that meet patients’ needs between appointments.
  • Developing new models of care that take into account societal factors that influence health.
  • Exploring value-based care payment models to financially support the solutions and interventions developed by the company.

The organizations state that the joint venture is not a merger or an exclusivity agreement; instead, they hope some of the innovations developed through the collaborative will have a nationwide impact.

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