Mayo Clinic, Verily Work to Build Better Decision-Support Tools

Already in the early stages of a partnership with Google Cloud to develop electrocardiogram algorithms, Mayo Clinic has launched a separate two-year partnership with Google subsidiary Verily to build decision-support tools for cardiology and diabetes.

Mayo Clinic, Verily Work to Build Better Decision-Support Tools. A human heart with the Electrocardiogram human heart wave behind it.The goal is to create a suite of tools that will function as a GPS of sorts to provide concise, relevant and applicable answers tailored to the needs of each patient, notes Bradley Leibovich, M.D., medical director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Digital Health.

The tool will be developed using a variety of different sources, including deidentified health record data, and will use open standards to enable integration with multiple commercial electronic health records. After being used at Mayo Clinic, the tool will be made available to Verily’s health system partners and customers.

Rather than relying on the one-size-fits-all approach of many tools in use today, Mayo Clinic and Verily will design the system to surface records on a patient that would be relevant to that case while pulling in recommendations from Mayo Clinic subspecialists on medication, dosing or tests to order.

Instead of being told what to do, the physician or caregiver will be able to take the inputs and make their own decisions, Mayo Clinic Cardiologist Rick Nishimura, M.D., told MedCity News.

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