Electronic Health Records (EHRs) - Meaningful Use

Burnout rates among physicians and nurses are declining slightly, but they remain above pre-pandemic levels, with staffing shortages emerging as a top contributing factor.
Nearly 15 years ago, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine estimated that only 1.5% of acute care general medical and surgical hospitals had a comprehensive electronic health records system.
Epic, the electronic health records company, is revamping how its end users connect with third-party applications. In its Connection Hub slated to launch early next year, vendors with a connection to Epic can list their apps and self-report if they have achieved successful data exchange.
To enable consumer engagement and care coordination, health systems are using digital transformation develop consumer-focused models of care.
Ambient intelligence and virtual assistant solutions can help limit the amount of time physicians spend interacting with the electronic health record (EHR), freeing up time to spend with their patients and families and creating a better care delivery experience. Join Travis Bias, DO, chief medical…