5 Insights from the AHA Leadership Summit

5 Insights from the AHA Leadership Summit. 2023 American Hospital Association Leadership Summit. Special Report. The Buzz: Takeaways from the 2023 AHA Leadership Summit.

How to plan, execute and accelerate redesigned health care dominated discussions at the recent AHA Leadership Summit in Seattle, as hospital and health system leaders, retail care providers, innovators and entrepreneurs came together to assess what’s next for the field. Our new Buzz report provides a deep-dive analysis on each of the five trend areas.

1 | It’s Time to Build the Future-ready Workforce

Health care leaders face a daunting challenge in restructuring the workforce to address the growing number of health care workers and Americans in general nearing retirement age. Learn what experts from Accenture and futurist Amy Webb had to say about where health care leaders should concentrate to build the future-ready workforce and why provider organizations may need to start stimulating young students to consider health care careers.

2 | Create Seamless Consumer-centric Care

Health care transformers like Amazon, Optum and Dollar General emphasized their interest in partnering with hospitals and health systems to drive rapid progress in making high-quality health care more convenient and affordable. Learn what it takes to transform care delivery to provide consumers with retail-level convenience when accessing care, booking appointments and obtaining their health data.

3 | Design a Road Map for Health Equity

Eliminating structural barriers that compromise diversity, equity and inclusion in hospitals and health systems is essential to providers committed to supporting a just society of healthy communities. The Buzz report provides insider perspectives from health systems using the AHA Health Equity Roadmap and other tools to embed equity into their organizational strategy to accelerate progress.

4 | What It Takes to Achieve Future-forward Transformation

What can hospitals and health systems learn from retail care providers? What role should innovation play in driving organizational culture? How can providers deepen their relationships with patients to maintain trust and loyalty? Leaders from ChristianaCare, Ardent Health Services, Mayo Clinic and Sutter Health share their insights in the Buzz report.

5 | Focus on Financial Fundamentals to Speed Recovery

Health care executives must be laser-focused on stabilizing expenses, noted Nathan Kaufman, managing director of Kaufman Strategic Advisors. Learn the four practical steps he offered to achieve financial stability.

Download The Buzz report, sponsored by NuWest Group, to learn more about these issues.

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