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Annual Conference

Federal Forum Plenaries

Feb 7, 2022
The schedule of plenary session at the American Hospital Association 2020 Annual Membership Meeting in Washington, DC.
Annual Conference

Special Events

Feb 7, 2022
Annual Conference

Sessions & Dialogues

Mar 4, 2022
This is a list of the Insights Sessions at the American Hospital Association 2020 Annual Membership Meeting in Washington, DC.
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AHA Associate Podcast Series | Guidehouse

May 13, 2022
In this episode, David Burik, Partner for Guidehouse, joins Kathleen Wessel in a discussion on how effective strategy can turn risks into opportunities. They discuss how hospitals and health systems can establish strategic growth plans amid many other top-of-mind challenges, such as staffing issues, health care disruptors and digital expectations.

Becoming a Health Care Business Partner of Choice

Apr 26, 2022
American Hospital Association report on the State of Hospital and Business Solution Provider Relationships
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AHA Associate Podcast Series | SimpliFi

Mar 30, 2022
In this episode, leaders from AHA member hospital Forbes and AHA Associate SimpliFi discuss challenges facing our nursing workforce. Bambi Gore, vice president and chief clinical officer of SimpliFi, will discuss obstacles and solutions with Lynn Kosar, Chief Nursing Officer for AHN Forbes Hospital. Their conversation will leave listeners with new approaches and strategies for onboarding new nurses and increasing retention rates.
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Resources for Hospital Business Partners

Mar 21, 2022
Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most to hospital and health system business partners.
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AHA Insights for Business

Mar 15, 2022
AHA Insights for Business Explore up-to-date content on the issues that occupy the minds of the nation’s hospital and health system leaders.
Case Studies

Transforming Thought Leadership into Sales Opportunities

Mar 15, 2022
When a highly specialized company wanted to connect with hard-to-reach prospects and establish a leadership position, it turned to the AHA.
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3 Critical Health Care Focus Areas for 2022

Feb 9, 2022
Health care providers face a reality that was unimaginable a couple of years ago. Service lines continue to be interrupted by COVID-19, with no end in sight. These and other trends have sped up health care transformation. And while the future appears anything but clear, thought leaders have issued a slew of predictions and analyses about what executives should be taking away from the current trends.