The Kujichagulia Center Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore | Baltimore, MD

As Sinai Hospital of Baltimore delved into social determinants of health experienced by its patients, a need to link patients to a broad range of public assistance, education, workforce development, and social service programs to resolve barriers to health was identified. Unemployment, untreated mental health disorders, drug addiction, family violence, and homelessness all posed a threat to the health of families. Further, our most recent community health needs assessment revealed that youth violence was a major concern of residents. Focus groups with adults and youth revealed that concentrating on youth employment would be effective in addressing youth violence as a public health concern.

The Kujichagulia Center (KC) was launched with a Mayor’s Office of Human Services “Human Services Local Impact Aid for the Park Heights Master Plan Area” grant in January 2014, utilizing “slots” revenue to create positive programming for youth who reside in northwest Baltimore zip code 21215. KC targets and engages the most at-risk youth and young men – especially those with histories in street violence – with intensive services including life skills, mentoring, and workforce development programs to create transformative longterm change and personal growth.


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