AHA Population Health Framework

Wherever our hospital or health system members are on their population health journey, count on us to support the development and advancement of competencies for accountable, equitable care. View our framework to see more information about the population health agenda.

population health framework
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Pathways to Population Health covers foundational population health concepts and features a curated set of tools. Use the Compass to see where your organization stands currently and use resources like the Action Plan template to move ahead. See the infographic.

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This video series is designed to provide trustees with an overview of population health strategies and foundational capabilities that health care leaders are using to redesign care. See the article that covers how boards can play a variety of roles to impact social determinants and focus on community health.

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The AHA conducted a national survey of hospitals and health systems to assess the state of population health efforts in 2018. The survey, with responses from more than 1,000 hospitals and health systems, shows that while U.S. hospitals and health systems have embarked on their journeys to advance population health, there are opportunities to do more.

Connecting Care with Community

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Providing care for communities involves active engagement and partnership, understanding the population you serve, and pursuing health equity.

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Connecting Care with Community Podcast

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A Health Equity and Community Health Conversation