Quality & Safety

Hospitals and health systems continue to strive for safer, more reliable and timelier patient- and family-centered care for all people.

The AHA Center for Health Innovation offers the latest topic-specific, evidence-based resources and training. This work builds on the AHA’s longstanding commitment to help health care organizations accelerate performance improvement and enhance the patient experience.

Want to connect with us and your peers?

Join a national LISTSERV® forum for hospitals and health systems to share best practices and build peer-to-peer connections on the following topics:

  • General (Hospital-Wide)
  • Infection Prevention
  • Rural/Critical Access Hospitals

Project Firstline

A national infection control training collaborative with the CDC.

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Living Learning Network (LLN)

Offers peer-to-peer discussions on relief, recovery and rebuilding health care.

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Age-Friendly Health Systems

Focuses on addressing the unique care needs of older patients.

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Next Generation Leaders Fellowship

Helps emerging leaders tackle key issues and create trail-blazing opportunities.

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Palliative Care

Shines a national spotlight on palliative care through insights, methods and training.

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AHA Team Training

Offers everything hospitals need to improve communication and teamwork.

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AHA Data

Collects, analyzes and shares critical data from our nation’s hospitals.

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Issue Briefs

Frames the issue of affordability and explores the value equation.

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The Value Initiative

Leads the health care field in addressing affordability and value with actionable tools.

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Members in Action Series

Use case studies to show how hospitals and health systems are achieving value.

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