Transformation Collaboratives & Education

Hospitals and health system leaders and staff need ongoing opportunities for professional development in an era of rapid and continuous change.

AHA offers a wide variety of collaborative learning and transformation opportunities, where the learning curriculum is designed by the members for the members utilizing the latest innovation frameworks, tools and techniques!

The core benefit of learning in a group setting with your peers is to achieve goals that cannot be achieved alone. By working with others, you hear different viewpoints and experiences, and gain a more complete understanding of an issue and potential solution.


AHA Team Training

Offers everything hospitals need to improve communication and teamwork.

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Next Generation Leaders Fellowship

Helps emerging leaders tackle key issues and create trail-blazing opportunities.

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Age-Friendly Health Systems

Focuses on addressing the unique care needs of older patients.

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Project Firstline

A national infection control training collaborative with the CDC.

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Living Learning Network (LLN)

Offers peer-to-peer discussions on relief, recovery and rebuilding health care.

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The Hospital Community Cooperative (HCC)

Accelerates data-driven strategies that address health-related social needs.

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