AHA's Project Firstline is seeking health systems to partner with us to identify and address training needs related to infection prevention and control (IPC), teamwork and effective communications. Selected partners will collaborate with AHA to implement a training needs assessment, develop an action plan to address gaps in skills and knowledge, pilot IPC training materials and evaluate program implementation.

Deadline Wednesday, December 29, 2021

    • Financial support of up to $500,000 per participant. Award amounts will be based on scope of work (SOW) and the number of awards granted.
    • Access to IPC and TeamSTEPPS training resources.
    • Access to a 2-day TeamSTEPPS training course with follow-up coaching.
    • National recognition of program participation and co-branding of AHA and CDC training materials.
    • Opportunity to offer feedback and insight on the development and implementation of IPC tools to support the health care field.
    • Hospital applicants must be part of a health system.
    • AHA member status.
    • Ability to execute SOW within designated 9-month timeframe.
    • Demonstrated need of training resources for IPC, teamwork and effective communications.
    • Willingness to complete and implement training needs assessment. Note that assessment tool will be developed by AHA/HRET.
    • Designated project lead and team to facilitate and champion the scope of work. Willingness to share feedback on program activities with AHA and CDC to help inform the development and usability of IPC training resources.
    • A signed letter of support from an executive at your health system.
  • CDC and AHA are committed to supporting participating hospitals with all aspects of the project. The project may require a 9-month commitment by the hospital or health system to do the following activities. The timeline may be subject to change based on the agreed upon scope of work.

    Requirement Timelines
    Application Deadline December 29, 2021
    Interview and Award Process
    For those awarded, an SOW will be developed in collaboration with the AHA.
    Early January 2022
    Administer training needs assessment.
    Obtain 75% response rate from the identified workforce*. Timeline: Up to one month.
    *Target audience for the work will be identified when SOW is created. For example, the identified workforce may include staff in a select acute care unit(s).
    Early February 2022
    ID project lead and team; conduct assessment and develop plan. April 2022
    Participate in a 2-day TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer Course. TBD
    Rollout customized training plan for the selected workforce.
    AHA/HRET to support roll-out via monthly check-in calls, TeamSTEPPS coaching, feedback on implementation, and input on evaluation of education.
    May 2022-September 2022
    Measure knowledge uptake and acceptance of educational offerings among selected workforces.
    Hospital to participate in feedback activities with AHA/HRET and CDC to inform the development of IPC training resources.
    April-September 2022

Please submit program questions to AHA's ProjectFirstline.


Please complete the application to the best of your ability. The AHA Project Firstline team will contact qualified applicants in January 2022 to schedule a 1:1 call to better understand the hospital’s needs and interests.

Note: All fields are required and copy text for all questions should be 250-word count.

Downloadable copy of the information.

No abbreviations.
Please briefly describe the audience and the work to be done (i.e., number of staff, types of roles involved, etc.)
Can you commit to designating a project lead for this work?
Please specify roles or job titles.
Do you currently have an electronic learning management system (LMS) in place for your system or hospital?
If Yes, then please explain how your LMS is used to provide education and training for your staff.
Does your system or hospital use any teamwork and communication frameworks such as TeamSTEPPS?
Has your hospital been trained in using TeamSTEPPS?
If selected as an awardee, can you provide a signed letter of support from your hospital leadership?