Building a Culture of Safety and Prevention

Implementing a multidisciplinary approach to infection control can be powerful. Through Project Firstline, AHA offers hospitals and health systems the tools and resources needed to engage all stakeholders – from bedside nurses to administrators to environmental staff – to identify areas of improvement, commit to an action plan, monitor practices and adjust as needed.

Our Goal

Support facilitators tasked with leading IPC improvements, guide standardization and inspire everyone to understand and take ownership of the vital role they play in preventing HAIs across your organization.



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Supporting Current and Future Team Members

Resources to help train future health professionals and promote connections between hospitals and learning institutions are available.

Featured Resources

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Emergency Management Playbook

Project Firstline has developed a supplemental guide to the ASHE Emergency Management Playbook with helpful links and references to informative resources and procedures. This guide aims to assist healthcare facilities in effectively managing emergencies.

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EVS Cleaning & Disinfecting Job Aids

AHE has developed cleaning and disinfecting matrices for frontline EVS professionals and their supervisors. The job aids support the practice of proper cleaning and disinfection in a variety of health care settings. Available in English and Spanish.

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ASHE Ventilation Guidance and Quick Guides - Now Available in Spanish

Project Firstline offers two new guides on proper ventilation to contain and reduce airborne contamination. One guide is designed for health care facility managers and the other is for nurse managers and clinicians.

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Videos on Ventilation

ASHE Ventilation Education for Clinicians – Available in Spanish

Check out ASHE’s new education videos on preventing the spread of infection through proper ventilation.

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ASHE Ventilation e-Learning Course for Clinicians and Facility Staff

Check out this Ventilation e-Learning Course to help clinicians and facility staff understand why ventilation is critical to the health care environment and ways to partner with each other to make improvements.

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EVS Frontline Staff Educational Videos - Now Available in Spanish

EVS Front-line Staff Educational Videos

Check out AHE’s new educational video series on the role EVS technicians play in preventing infections and creating a contamination-free environment.

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“It's the men and women walking through the door and into the patient's room that determine if we are a high reliable and safe organization. Knowing how to connect and communicate with that population is important. At the AHA Advancing Care Conference, featuring Project Firstline, that theme is consistent.”

Kathleen Martinez

Children’s Hospital Colorado


“Project Firstline is one of the great things that we have seen come out of this pandemic. It is the basic infection prevention and control skills we need at the front line to protect patient safety and to protect our health care workers.”

Lizzy Adeyemi

Tennessee Hospital Association


“I really appreciate Project Firstline and the American Hospital Association for their commitment to bringing leaders together to make positive change.”

Caterina Kein

Providence St. Joseph Hospital-Eureka


“Being from Fairbanks Alaska, it has been invaluable to have the opportunity to learn about additional resources being created that can help our movement and progression towards the best patient care possible.”

Haley Carter

Foundation Health Partners - Tanana Valley Clinic



Project Firstline is a collaborative between CDC and a diverse group of organizations

American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, American Nurses Association, Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum, Health Research and Educational Trust, National Association of County and City Health Officials, National Council on Urban Indian Health, National Indian Health Board, National Network of Public Health Institutes.



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