Association for the Health Care Environment

EVS COVID-19 Infographics

Offers front-line health care environmental services personnel important COVID-19 considerations for cleaning and disinfection; management of medical waste; and general precautions when performing discharge or transfer cleaning.

Pathogen Matchup Tool

Informs front-line health care professionals of the six most common pathogens found in various health care settings. This tool can be used to support teambased or individual infection control training.

Explainer Videos for Front-line Staff

Learn the important roles frontline EVS technicians play in infection prevention and how their work cre¬ates an environment free from contamination. The brief, four-part video series includes:

  • The Frontline of Infection Prevention and Control;
  • Cleaning Occupied and Discharged Patients Rooms;
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Operating and Proce¬dure Rooms; and
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Ambulatory Care Centers, Physician Offices and Clinics.

American Society for Health Care Engineers

A Series of Quick and Comprehensive Guides for Clinicians, Facility Managers, and Technicians

Provides best practices on the ‘why’ behind ventilation and infection control. This series will soon be available.

Ventilation and Infection Prevention Video Series

Explains the basics of ventilation in health care spaces and critical decision making. Focus areas include: negative pressure room, portable HEPA machines, temperature and humidity, HVAC and humidity.

Ventilation Assessment for Clinicians

Offers strategies to assess health care spaces and make knowledgeable decisions to reduce the risk of airborne pathogens and improve air quality for hospi¬tal patients and staff.



TeamSTEPPS Video Toolkit

Improves teamwork in health care by guiding teams through a thoughtfully-designed sequence of activities using relatable scenarios, critical thinking prompts, and best practices for an engaging learning experience.