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The American Hospital Association cordially invites you to join our AHA Executive Forum: Addressing Affordability Through the Lens of Value

Join the American Hospital Association (AHA), expert thought leaders and your peers to explore various strategies your organization can use to make health care more affordable for your patients and community at these exclusive events being offered regionally in 2018.

The rising cost of health care for individuals, the field, business and government is one of the environmental forces significantly impacting the work of hospitals, health systems and health organizations. Finding ways to provide sustainable, affordable health care services is an AHA member strategic priority, and the focus of this one-day gathering of hospital and health system executives.

In this invitation-only, complimentary program, you’ll learn about drivers influencing the cost of care, and examine value-based strategies to support the field’s efforts in the provision of quality, affordable health care. Sessions include presentations by AHA leadership, a leading health system’s story of its experiences in improving health care affordability, and discussions among both health care thought leaders and your fellow attendees. ACHE Credit Hours will be provided for this program.

We will discuss:

  • The various social, systemic and operational factors influencing affordability, and four value-based strategies that the AHA suggests hospitals consider implementing to address affordability
  • Strategies successfully employed by a leading health system to improve the affordability of its health care services
  • Various ways your own organization can help make health care more affordable for your patients and community

Dates and Locations

December 3-4, 2018 - Chicago 

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