Earlier this month, voters in exit poll after exit poll made it clear that health care is an important issue to them. And near the top of their list of concerns was the affordability of health care services. 

America’s hospitals and health systems understand – and share – their concern and continue to take steps to redesign care and implement operational efficiencies. That’s why the AHA a year ago launched The Value Initiative to provide members with the education, resources and tools to advance affordable health care and promote value within their communities. It likewise is working to educate the public, policymakers and other stakeholders on these issues. And at the same time, we are collaborating with others in the health care field – as well as Congress and the Administration – to develop new public policy solutions such as regulatory reform to improve affordability and value.

As it enters year two, The Value Initiative continues to serve as a convener on these issues. For example, next week in Chicago it is bringing together members, thought leaders and stakeholders from every sector of health care to talk about solutions, share strategies and push their thinking on what comes next. And we’ll continue the conversation with a series of regional forums and virtual workshops in 2019.

Americans have spoken – health care matters to them. Individuals, employers, government and payers are seeking greater value for their health care dollars. Concerns around the affordability of health care will only grow as overall health care spending continues to rise to meet the needs of an aging America. 
Hospitals and health systems will not shy away from this challenge; they have been tackling it head on. But we can’t do it alone. That’s why efforts like The Value Initiative are so critical. Every stakeholder – hospitals, other providers, insurers, drug companies, device makers, the government and patients – have a role to play in this effort. We’re proud to be helping to drive this important national dialogue.


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