Children’s National celebrates CHI Week in their community

Children’s National Health System, a pediatric health system in Washington, D.C, celebrated Community Health Improvement Week by engaging the community and recognizing the professionals and partnerships dedicated to improving community health.

To celebrate work in the hospital and community to build healthier lives for children, Children’s National lead:

  • Grab A Plate & Advocate on firearm injury prevention
  • PhotoVoice Exhibit in partnership with DC Prevention Center Wards 1&2 youth leaders
  • Grand Rounds featuring mental health programs in schools
  • Community engagement opportunity to support Martha’s Table

Check out pictures for the healthy system’s CHI week activities below.

Download s PowerPoint highlighting Children's National events and programming for Community Health Improvement Week 2019

Contact information:

Desiree de la Torre, MPH, MBA
Director, Community Affairs and Population Health Improvement
Child Health Advocacy Institute (CHAI)
Children’s National Health System

Community Health Improvement Week

CHI Week Stories from the Field

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