How Rural Hospitals Will Fare in Health Care Revolution

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All of health care is undergoing rapid transformation as organizations accelerate innovation efforts, explore partnership opportunities and other options for improving care delivery and cost reduction. But rural providers may face special challenges due to limited resources and — surprisingly — may also have some advantages in this rapidly changing environment, according to Michael Rogers, a practical futurist and speaker.

Rogers notes that as the private sector steps up to deliver alternatives to the current health care system, cloud-based technology solutions will make much of the information obtained from partners that share automation such as artificial intelligence and data analytics equally available to practitioners regardless of geography. And, as these emerging models continue to make greater use of telehealth technologies in the next decade, the current challenges rural facilities sometimes face in accessing broadband services will largely be solved.

Rogers will discuss these and other issues related to the health care revolution at the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference Feb. 3-6 in Phoenix. Read an extended version of our conversation with Rogers.

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