The Future of Health Care Innovation: Integration

The Future of Health Care Innovation: Integration. Gears of different sizesDigital technologies that support remote patient monitoring and home diagnostics got a jump-start in adoption during the pandemic. The future, however, belongs to innovators who invest time in understanding how physicians practice, notes Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling in a recent Inc. report.

In a conversation with Inc., Dowling notes that while many technologies work well in isolation, the challenge is to develop systems that fully integrate across a broad spectrum of hospital services. He has been working to educate companies and startups so that they can create products that suit how health care professionals actually work.

Dowling says the hands-off approach by federal and state governments during the pandemic also helped fuel innovations in hospitals and health systems. His recently published book, “Leading Through a Pandemic: The Inside Story of Humanity, Innovation, and Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Crisis,” details how he steered New York state’s largest hospital system through the roughest parts of the pandemic.

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