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Assess your digital capabilities to prioritize investments and strategy.

At a time when quick analysis and action is more important than ever, the American Hospital Association, in collaboration with the digital health innovation network, AVIA, is introducing a free new resource for its members - the AHA Digital Pulse - to help hospitals and health systems assess current digital capabilities and plan for the future.

AHA Digital Pulse is a self-assessment that helps your organization:

  • See where you stand in terms of digital readiness compared to your peers
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and focus
  • Explore the solutions and access the resources that can help you achieve progress
  • Collaborate with others who are facing similar challenges
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How To Access COVID-19 Digital Resources

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The COVID-19 pandemic requires healthcare providers to respond to a dynamic healthcare crisis swiftly, efficiently, and safely. As a result, providers are seeking to rapidly scale digital solutions to prevent the spread of the virus, allocate limited resources and care for the sick.

This Pulse, which should be completed by leaders from clinical, operations, and community relations areas, is designed to quickly aggregate and disseminate information about where health systems are acting and with what technology so shared learnings can be used immediately by others. The capabilities addressed in this Pulse were reported by the AVIA Innovation Network to be the most critical, urgent and effectively supported by digital solutions. They include:

  • Screening & triage
  • Virtual visits
  • Remote monitoring for surveillance and containment
  • Adapting care for non-COVID patients
  • Call center management
  • Capacity planning and preparedness
  • Remote work and teleconferencing
  • Mitigating supply shortages
  • Critical asset tracking and management
  • Patient and community communication
  • Patient Education
  • Addressing social needs

Digital Front Door

nurse taking patient blood pressure

As patients increasingly use digital tools to make health care decisions, hospitals and health systems are escalating efforts to incorporate digital tools into their consumer engagement strategy. This Digital Pulse Assessment will guide your team through an evaluation of how effectively your organization has established a Digital Front Door for your patients. The assessment, which should be completed by staff from digital strategy, marketing and IT areas, will allow you to evaluate your capabilities including:

  • Provider directory
  • Ratings and reviews transparency
  • Virtual triage
  • Virtual visit – asynchronous
  • Virtual visit – synchronous
  • Provider search
  • Consumer scheduling
  • Low-acuity care navigation

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